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Sunday, 10/18/2009 - 9:20 p.m.

So my mother is on her way to Podunk across the bridge to see my Aunt Sally, who apparently called my mother while she was in the process of OD'ing. I asked the Queen if this was a recreational OD kind of thing or deliberate and she said it was deliberate. I have no idea why my aunt would want to kill herself but I'm sure I'll find out when the Queen gets back home.

What the hell is it with my damn maternal relatives and suicide? Both of the cousins older than me tried it, the cousin right behind me tried it. My mother is the only one of all her sisters who is not on some sort of mood elevating/altering drugs. Tattoo and I are the only ones out of the older cousins on her side who are not on mood elevating/altering drugs. Pop's side, to a person, are all alcoholics; the Queen's side are mostly all junkies. I'm thrilled Tattoo and I are as OK as we are. Drug-induced rant over.

So the new crown popped off tonight as well, which was no big deal. The big deal came when the smell from the open tooth stub wafted out of my mouth and made me gag. I know Dr. Hottie packed some sort of meds in there but jesus gawd. This is rank. DC promptly freaked his shit and insisted I call her. I was perfectly willing to wait until my appt. on Wednesday since I'm not hurting but he was not. Most emphatically was not OK with waiting til Wednesday. And by "most emphatically" I mean "screaming crazy crying scared". So my appt. has been moved up to tomorrow. He was upset that I wasn't more upset but I helpfully (and only slightly snidely) pointed out that freaking *my* shit wasn't going to help the situation.

At least it happened tonight instead of yesterday. We took my mother to dinner and to see Zombieland. We had a *ball* and I think she needed it more than us.

The Bird Kid called about 6:30 and I didn't get it since we were in the theater. I called him back and he was just checking in with me because he'd been reading all my recent woes. Such a good guy! He told me about all his recent woes so DC and I swung by the dungeon after we dropped my mom off because I wanted to see for myself if he was alright. We chatted and hung out, and ended up staying for a couple of hours hanging Xmas lights in the social area. The Halloween Ball is next weekend and we missed the work party today so I tried to make up for it last night.

I'm going to take a handful of pills and try to sleep.

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