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Tuesday, 10/20/2009 - 8:03 p.m.

The appt. with Dr. Hottie yesterday was the best dental appointment I've ever had. The secret, apparently, is a bunch of Valium beforehand chased with a painkiller. I dozed off sitting up in the waiting room, and was sound asleep about 15 seconds or so after she put the nitrous on my face. Went to sleep with a stinky tooth nub and woke up with a shiny new crown. Best. Appointment. Ever. I have no idea what happened.

My mother called this morning about my aunt. She described the psych. hospital as the "loony bin" and gave examples - my aunt's neighbor on one side has broken completely with reality and spends most of his time restrained so he doesn't punch orderlies. Alrighty then. The other neighbor wandered into my aunt's room, specifically to search her bathroom for cheese. I wanted to ask if the neighbor was looking for her cheese or if she thought my aunt had cheese, but I stopped myself. The Queen is holding her shit together extremely well, altho we both cried on the phone this morning.

I am a horrible human being for thinking the cheese thing is funny.

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