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Thursday, 10/15/2009 - 3:27 p.m.

I got a prescription for Mother's Little Helper from Dr. Hottie, along with steroids, antibiotics, and she upped my dosage of narcotics.

I had to go back today for a 2 week followup on the last of the sensitive teeth and to get the permanent crown. She wanted me to wear the permanent crown for a week or so to see if the sensitivity got better without a root canal, but I begged to her to just do the damn root canal and get it over with and she finally agreed. Well, guess what? The nerve in that tooth was just as bad as the nerve in the other tooth from 3 weeks ago. What a fucking surprise. So 3 and half hours later, including one pee break and one nausea break, I have a partial root canal and the permanent crown stuck on with temp. glue. Why temporary glue, you ask? Because the root canals themselves wouldn't stop bleeding this time, no matter what she did. You can't seal the tooth if it's still bleeding so - joy of joys! - I get to go back one more fucking time next week so she can finish the root canal.

As I was checking out, she brought out the magic prescription pad and asked me if I wanted another refill of the narcotic. I said "Truth be told, I'd rather have some Valium.". When she asked why I wanted Valium, I said "Because the second I walk out this door, I'll be having a big ole fit of hysterics in my car and probably another one when I get home.". And then burst into tears in front of all the nice people in her waiting room. She immediately hustled me back into her office and I explained that this particular nightmare has been going on for 3 weeks and counting. That some nights my teeth and gums throbbing keep me awake and some nights I can actually sleep. That some nights I'll go to sleep just fine and jerk awake to heat and pain in my face because I slept on one side or the other for too long. That I've had nothing but soft, easily chewable foods for 3 weeks and counting. That I never know when chewing will trigger that sharp pain that races down my jaw towards my chin and up my jaw towards my temple. She told me 2 weeks ago that intermittent pain on the left side would happen for a while since that root canal was so bad so I've just sucked it up and not said anything about that side until I was leaving today. She asked me why I didn't say anything until now and I told her I called her a week ago about it and didn't hear back so I just sucked it up and went on. That's when she added the steroids and antibiotics to the Valium and painkiller. DC will be driving me next week to the final appt. because I will be too fucked up to drive.

Little chickie at the pharmacy looked at all the scripts and said "Oh my, this is some powerful stuff. Are you sure you'd like all these today?". Thank the deities I'm too short and too fat to hop over their counter or I would have choked her. I said as calmly as I could, "Miss, I am not leaving here without every one of those prescriptions" and perhaps I wasn't shielding my inner Crazy Bitch as best as I could because she promptly shut the hell up and passed them off to the pharmacist. Do not pass judgment on my drugs, blonde cow, just fill the damn things!

So I've had a Valium, a painkiller and the first round of steroids and I'm feeling rather good. I'm going to try to nap and see what happens. I told DC if I *was* asleep when he got home, just to make sure I was still breathing but otherwise let me sleep.

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