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Monday, 12/25/2006 - 2:47 p.m.

This was the *best* Xmas ever! I know I say that almost every year, but I really mean it this time. We went to my mom's Saturday and laughed our asses off. She's probably the only mom in the world who got bling and sex toys for Xmas. We all bought her something sparkly and DC got her the sex toy. We're going to call her in a few minutes to see if she's crippled and/or blind yet. We played cards and ate and laughed and ate some more. And laughed some more. As much as I dreaded Xmas with Pop's side, that's how much I looked forward to Mama's. She called the Boy "part of the family" and I almost cried. DC's dad dying unexpectedly was the worst for him, and the Boy says that his dad dying is going to be the worst for him, but my mama dying is going to be the worst for me.

DC, the Boy and I climbed up in my bed when we got home from Mama's to open presents. It looked like a wrapping store exploded on my bed. Presents were everywhere. I said that it wasn't the volume of gifts that tickled me; it was how people-appropriate they all were. DC got new black clothes, and a better DVD player than he asked for, along with Darth Vader and StormTrooper Potato Heads. When I saw them months ago with the Boy, I said "Oh, my God!!! DC NEEDS those!" and so he got them. He also got some Floam, which is slimy boogery stuff with foam balls in it. He *loves* it. He got a brand new ergonomic nerdy-nerd keyboard that he's been wanting forever from my mom.

The Boy got gift cards to the Home Depot from everyone so his new kitchen floor is pretty much paid for. YAY! I also got him the exact shirt-and-tie combos he wanted and they fit. He got a Harley calendar too, that's just gorgeous.

I got movies galore and spent all day yesterday watching them. ALL day. I'm still working on the new Pirates of the Caribbean and will watch Full Metal Jacket tonight after my call shift is over. I got gift cards to stores I love and tons of Hello Kitty stuff. YAY! I have new magnets for my locker! I need to find wedding pics to put under the magnets.

Merry Christmas to us.

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