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Thursday, 06/08/2006 - 6:31 p.m.

Today was an improvement over yesterday. I got sandbagged by VI on a carpal tunnel case and despite it going all kinds of wrong, I did it. I'd never seen one done let alone done one, but she sure as hell left me alone to do it. I am 99.99% convinced she broke scrub and stayed out of the room until after the surgeon came in solely to make me have to work the case by default. She tried to do that on the second case but thank you, deities, I know how to do an inguinal hernia repair. The patient went into laryngospasm when Valkyrie was trying to wake him up from anesthesia, and she just sat there and watched him fight off the circulator and Valkyrie. Fahfah was holding him down by both arms and she weighs all of 100 pounds so he was pulling her up off the floor. I took the hand closest to me and talked to him and kept him from flailing around. Fahfah said something ugly under her breath as they were wheeling the patient out and I thought it was directed at me. I caught up with her later and asked if I had done anything wrong. She said I did everything right and that she was pissed at VI because VI just sat there working a crossword puzzle during that episode.

So I'm tickled that an employee noticed I stepped up to do what needed to be done *AND* saw VI making an ass of herself. That 2nd part is petty, I know. However, if someone else who is not a student complains about her then maybe someone will listen. She already got nailed once for showing me a completely wrong way to scrub and for admitting she rarely scrubbed past her wrists. She tried to tell me (in front of BiggerDaddy on one of his visits!!!) that it didn't matter how far up my arm I scrubbed as long as I did my hands really well. Sheesh.

I rocked on the inguinal, though, and the angioma removal that followed. I even sort of enjoyed the carpal tunnel release because it was new and really cool.

Someone remarked as I was leaving the breakroom this afternoon that the radical religious terrorists are just like the American people who want gay marriage to be legal. Nice. You dick.

I've blown off my paper for this entire week and I feel pretty OK about that. I'll work on it this weekend but I'm still not killing myself over these stupid things.

Hooray for Friday.

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