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Monday, 06/12/2006 - 5:30 p.m.

It needs to hurry the hell up and rain. The pressure and humidity are killing me. I've popped 10 aspirin today trying to combat the headache of death and I'm just about to blow off the rest of the day to go on to bed. Feh.

Instead of going to the femdom party on Friday night, DC and I went to dinner with my parents. When I say "parents" I mean my father and stepmother. I had not seen them in the flesh since my wedding a year ago, despite them living 6 minutes away. I *HATE* visiting them, hate being around them, hate even talking to them on the phone. They're almost constantly drunk (in front of my 11 year old sister, no less), constantly obnoxious, and my stepmother pries all up into our business. She tried grilling us about our sex life after we got back from dinner, and wanted to tell us all about theirs. Jesus Gawd on a pogo stick. I'm totally ashamed of them and I'm really embarrassed for DC to be around them because they act so terrible. It shames me in front of my husband that this is half of the gene pool I come from.

Saturday was Pride here and the Boy and I went without DC because he had a migraine from all the pre-Pride sex. Hee. The parade was really good and I teared up because I was so overwhelmed at all the people marching. There were lots of 2 mom/2 dad families, which is just grand to see.

We went out later to Backstreet with the Makeup Man and his cousin, who is delightful when sober. The Makeup Man, however, acted like a spoiled 3 year old and had a tantrum at the first bar we went to and sulked off in a corner at Backstreet. Yippee. I told the Boy to not ask me for a while to hang out with the Makeup Man.

We went to the house of waffle after the club and saw violence. A lone dude came in solely to pick a fight with 3 dudes in the booth behind ours and got his ass handed to him. He also slung blood everywhere. The Boy said later his first concern was getting me out of harm's way. Awwwwww. We all talked to the police.

It took me a while to relax enough fall asleep, even with scritchies. However, I did manage to sleep in til 3 on Sunday. It was *fabulous*.

I dragged ass out of bed this morning at a quarter to five and actually felt kinda perky after my shower. I did 3 cases today and circulated another. The director of education asked me if I would be interested in a job in "sterile processing" and my mouth almost overloaded my ass and blurted out "HELL NO! I did not spend 18 grand to work in the instrument room!". I graciously declined and figure with the way nurses and techs are quitting left and right, come July there will be an OR slot open for me.

C'mon, aspirins, work.

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