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Wednesday, 06/07/2006 - 5:19 p.m.

Turns out the senior tech didn't ask me to join the 7 o'clock case because she's impressed with my skills...she just wanted someone low on the totem pole who couldn't refuse to do the case. Grand. Mop up my ego when you're done, please.

My preceptor yanked me out of the room at 6:55 and was pissed off I was even in there. Fabulous. She told me way back when before I ever got to scrub in on anything that I was a student and to do what I was told, yet she was irritated I agreed to do the 7 am case. Either I'm supposed to do what people tell me (or ask of me) or I'm not. Make up your damn mind.

I was with AnesthesiaBitch all damn day too, which just made the day worse. She's a whiner and complains about *everything*. Literally. If a case goes fast, goes slow, starts late, starts early, doesn't matter; she'll complain.

And adjacent to that, I've never worked with such whiners, even in retail. I really do want to work at this hospital because the shining stars who do their job without whining *really* are shining and make the day much better but they're outnumbered (surprise!) by about 5 to 1.

Oh, well. The crap days make you appreciate the good ones even more.

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