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Friday, 09/05/2008 - 5:39 p.m.

DC came home early with a sprained back and immediately went to the chiro. He's been in my room with me, offering moral support. Since we're having company this weekend, I grit my teeth and have been cleaning my room. I found 3 butt plugs, 2 dildos (one of which had rubber rot and went in the trash), the Dragonfly that's older than God, and 2 bottles of lube. I also found no less than 5 lip glosses and over a dozen ink pens. I asked DC what exactly this all said about me and his answer was "Well, you're a slut, who likes to look good, and is smart, too." I luv my husband. I'm glad he has a date this evening and will be out of my hair for a while, but I love him nonetheless.

The Strawberry's Curse has been threatening to rain on our sex parade but she's coming over tomorrow night anyway. I keep reassuring her that if she's not well no sex is no big deal. If the Curse is here, then we'll be doing movies and junk food without the boys.

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