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Monday, 09/08/2008 - 2:58 p.m.

Shout-out to Stepford Tart for listing me first on her blogroll thingie. I don't how or why I'm first, but I appreciate it all the same.

Big Nasty Orgy was some of the best sex my bed has seen in a long time, and I've had that bed 8 years. Imagine how many miles are on that mattress. The Strawberry's Curse held off and we all took turns screwing her brains out. DC thought I was over-reacting when I pulled out the thick black tarp sheeting to cover my bed so it didn't get soaked. The Boy and I had the spraying experience already but DC didn't quite understand the degree of nastiness we were going to be flooded with. I bought a cheap comforter just to be a cum-rag to throw over the tarp. (It's currently in the washer for the 2nd time because it still smelled like pussy.) We all hated rolling around on the crinkly plastic but when the nastiness was over, all we had to do was throw the comforter in the wash, throw the plastic away, and slide under my covers.

This was the first time in 4 years that all 3 of us had ganged up on someone and I'm already plotting the next time. DC and the Boy assaulted her (and that's the best way to describe it) with lips and teeth and nails while I took pictures. She gave as good as she got because DC has a scraped patch on his back and the Boy has a scraped patch on his chest, all from her nails. I have a brown bruise on the underside of my arm the size of a quarter from where the little slutbag bit me. I also have a pea sized brown bruise on my shoulder that I just found, that's also a slutbag bite.

Then I assaulted her, while they held her down, with the Pussy Hammer, complete with the G-spot thing. We're pretty sure she punched the Boy in the face from flailing around when I fired that joker up. Whoops. DC tried to horn in on my action at the beginning and I told him to go the hell away so he took pictures for a while. She tried to blow the Boy while I was doing that but she was kicking and bucking so much we needed his and DC's muscle. So they held her down and I jerked her off until my arms got the shakes. She and I have a specific dance we do with the Pussy Hammer that's just me and her, working to get her off. Her pussy was all red and swollen when I got done and she was all red in the face and incoherent. Score one for Team Pervert. I managed to rub one out from humping on my bed while she sprayed on me so yay me.

We took a break to wash off and cool off and let her catch her breath. And then...the fucking. Jesus Gawd. DC got first fuck while the Boy gagged her with her own panties and I filmed it. The DC got winded and tagged the Boy in and I filmed *that*. I have to say on the hotness scale, the Boy's was better that go-around. I say that because he managed to jam his dick into her up to the hilt, dig his elbows into her back, pull her hair, *and* mash her face down into a pillow, all at the same time.

We took another break and the filthy whore said "I wanna see them fuck you". Oh my. I didn't expect sex and was completely happy with the Pussy Hammer early and playing cameraman. If *she* hadn't said anything, it never would have happened. So they took turns fucking us. She and I laid on our sides facing each other and DC fucked me while the Boy fucked her. She squealed, I squealed, we watched each other come. A lot. DC and the Boy put on fresh condoms and changed pussies. The Boy and I have a hate/love/hate/love approach to sex in that if I can bite or pinch or slap him to piss him off, I will. He's then pissed off and fucks me like a runaway horse until I cry. Win-win. Only we don't normally do that in front of people. So there I was, kicking and pinching, while he was pulling my hair out by the roots, with a pair of big eyes 2 inches away watching us and whimpering. DC's riding her for all he's worth, trying to come, and she's talking smack to the Boy, telling him that he should fuck me harder since I was a bitch. And then I'm pulling her hair, telling her she's a cunt who should shut up, which fueled on both men. Yay, Team Pervert again.

The Boy was a little wheezy and a lot sweaty so he and I took a little breather and watched the other 2. DC was still trying to get his and it was very hot to watch his frustration. Yeah, I'm sick. The Strawberry was mostly on her front, grunting and whimpering because by that point I do believe his dick was hurting her. I'm pretty sure she's not been ridden like that, ever. She was still coming, though, and didn't say yellow or red so DC was really pounding her. If I had been coherent enough, I would have filmed it because he was propped up on her like she was a horse wearing a saddle and he was going to ride her to the finish line. Watching him reminded me why I find him so attractive sexually. He came, finally, with his neck and face the color of a beet and howled like a wolf. He went to shower and left her in a puddle of pussy squeezings about 4 feet across.

I *ahem* needed a little bit more after watching that so the Boy jerked me off, with her head on my thigh. I didn't think I could relax enough to whack myself off in front of someone else because I'm such a trainwreck when I come. I didn't particularly want to piss or crap myself with her head an inch from my pussy. I didn't want to cry my head off in front of her, either. It took 2 minutes, if that, for me to come and I cried my guts out. She does the same thing when she comes hard so she understood it was a good cry, even if it didn't look or sound that way.

And then she and I conked out. DC and the Boy got us under the covers, turned off the lights and laid there with us until she was asleep and I was 3/4th of the way there. She fell asleep with her head under my chin and her arm thrown over me.

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