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Tuesday, 06/20/2006 - 5:27 p.m.

I mailed out graduation invites (whoo hoo!) this morning and got the mail while I was there. Imagine the pants-wetting when I opened the letter from GMAC saying my June payment was a week. It was amazing how many times I could scream "Motherfucker!" on the 8 minute drive to my hospital. I dug out the divorce papers when I got home to make sure I didn't start making payments on my car until July and then I called GMAC to see what the hell the problem was. They sent out a late notice before the payment was actually late (the hell?) so I'm jake until July.

Orthopedics is not my bag, nor will it ever be my bag. I can deal with watching bones being sawed off, but *hearing* it made my butt pucker and it's still puckered. Hearing the mallet wham down on the medullary rod to drive it into the patient's femur almost drove me out of the room. That was the total knee replacement. During the total hip, blood was on the ceiling, the lights, the doctors, the walls, *everywhere*. BigDaddy warned us that total hip replacements were bloody but holy crap. Ortho is not for me.

We're down to 1 tech in the general surgery department so I'm pretty sure if I'm hired I'll be a gensurg tech. I really like open general and I can do laparoscopic but lap. stuff is kinda boring. Did I mention ortho is not my thing?

July 25th is rapidly approaching and I'll start pounding the pavement this week to apply at any hospital I can. I really want to stay at the big M since I already know the people and instruments but I can be bought. My goal is to make at least as much as DC so if, gawds forbid, he loses his job I can pick up the slack and support us.

Scary to think about but I'm ready.

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