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Sunday, 06/18/2006 - 4:31 p.m.

I did 4 cases on Friday with my preceptor and really enjoyed the hustle and bustle, even though I feel like Rain Man around her. I stuck a Gelpi through my glove like a dumbass but aside from that boo-boo I did well.

There was some kind of sticky stuff (all our instruments are tape color-coded by tray) on two instruments in the tray I was setting up so I threw them off and stepped away from my table. When my preceptor came back in the room, I told her I had no idea what that stuff was but as soon as I realized I had my hands in it I stepped away from the table and was waiting for her to come back. She said the 2nd best thing I could hope to hear: "I knew I could leave you alone and trust you". Whoo hoo!

Apparently she and the other student (not from my school) in clinicals bumped heads hard enough to get the student thrown out of her room. One rumor was the student didn't know her instruments and another rumor was she was lazy and wouldn't set anything up.

All I know is the charge nurse herself stopped me Friday afternoon and told me to put in my application because she wanted me there and all she had heard was good things about me and the hospital wanted to keep me. Whoo hoo!

We had wondermous sex yesterday morning and it was totally worth getting a late start to Tupelo. Hee. We had a pretty good time at lunch and we had new people. YAY! I fell asleep on the way home (surprise!). We all took naps and the Boy and I saw the late showing of The DaVinci Code. *Great* movie that I'd like to see one more time on the big screen. DC said he had no interest in it but I think he'd like it, even being a card-carrying atheist.

I finished my paper today while DC was out on a date and the Boy was setting people on fire in Grand Theft Auto.

Hurray for lazy Sundays.

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