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Sunday, 06/22/2009 - 11:59 p.m.

Pride was wonderful, as always. The Boy and I celebrated our own version of Pride before we went and were a half-hour late. It was totally worth it since he dug his heels in my back and almost broke my nose when he came. Yay us.

The Boy has to be in Atlanta for a seminar Monday and Tuesday, so he left for Podunk Saturday after Pride. He left for Atlanta this afternoon and didn't sound any worse for wear after being out in the sun yesterday.

I, however, feel like I'm hungover. I'm not sunburned in the slightest so thank you, Coppertone Sport sunscreen. We went out to dinner with the Glitter Kids and then to a party with them. I had alcohol at the party which is part of why I feel like crap today, I'm sure. The more I'm around the Glitter Kids the more I like them. Some of it is sexual attraction but a big chunk of it is they're real people. They don't sugarcoat anything or dumb anything down and that's extremely attractive.

The Glitter Girl and I rode to the party together and I picked her brain about partner-swapping with them. I told her if the sex stuff was going to cause a problem between all of us then we'll forget it because it's not worth losing their friendship over. Glitter Boy and I shared a smooch late in the evening that I felt down to my toes but I'm not sure how he felt about it. He's the first dude besides DC and the Boy I've kissed in over 5 years. Holy crap. He's the first dude besides them that I've wanted sexually in over 5 years. Double holy crap. He could just kiss me some more like he did and I'd be happy with that. Hee.

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