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Tuesday, 06/23/2009 - 2:30 a.m.

Overheard today at Target:

Mommy: Do that again and see what happens!
Child under the age of 5: Shut up, Mommy! {sound of child slapping parent}
Mommy: What did you just do?!
Child: Shut up, Mommy! {sound of child slapping parent again}

I don't have children and I haven't raised any children, but I am 100% sure I would have bitch-slapped that kid into unconsciousness. I don't have the best track record at the Target anyway but they have awesome chicken and pasta so I will continue to shop there.

DC thinks it's extremely hot that the Glitter Boy and I locked lips on Saturday night, to the point he gets a boner thinking about it and he wasn't even around to see it. Heh. He's tickled I have a crush while I'm slightly embarrassed about my feelings for this kid. He's all of 24 and I'm all of not-24. DC says he can sleep with him vicariously through me because DC thinks the GB is hot, too. We both think the Glitter Girl is hot as well. Crushes are awkward at first....feh.

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