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Thursday, 06/18/2009 - 11:58 p.m.

I am semi-ashamed to say to I really enjoyed 13 Hours in a Warehouse. I was expecting schlocky cheese because everyone who has ever met me knows I have crap taste in movies and it looked like a done-on-the-fly-we-have-zero-budget kind of horror movie. It surprised the hell out me, though, literally and figuratively. I got my roots done today and I shall be slapping hot oil on here soon to watch the rest of my treasure trove from Blockbuster.

My mother, that evil television tramp, turned me on to Bones when I visited last Friday so I had to watch the first 2 seasons. The tornado crappola came through while I was there and she wouldn't let me leave until it had blown over so we watched Bones and discussed quilting in detail. I have a quilt top to cross-stitch when I finish my present to the new cousin baby.

DC *finally* got an assistant so some of the workload is off him, amen. Today was a crap day for him but the week overall has been good. I made sure dinner was waiting when he got home so yay wifely me. I have nothing in reserve for dinner tomorrow, though, so $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza may be the menu. I'm pretty sure I could serve up cat poo as long as there was sex afterwards. Hee.

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