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Wednesday, 08/16/2007 - 12:53 a.m.

Back when my chosen family consisted of ExHusband and ExGirlfriend, they told me I was no longer allowed to pick movies for us. We took turns deciding what movie to rent or go see at the big theater, and they revoked my privileges. (I still think 13 Ghosts was not all that bad. They were right about Unbreakable, though.) I now understand why I wasn't allowed to pick movies any more - I have absolutely crap taste in movies.

The Fountain was beyond suck and I would have been extremely pissed to have spent 8 bucks on it. Total crap. 300 was no great shakes, either, and all the beefcake couldn't save it. I didn't realize that in ancient Persia they had drag queens. Xerxes had it all - big penciled-in-Ming-the-Merciless eyebrows, sparkly eyeshadow, long glittery gold nails, and 120 pounds of chunky gold jewelry. Oh, and head to toe gold body paint. I would have been pissed to spend 8 bucks on this, too. Feh.

I wonder if that hot chick at the Blockbuster would give me my money back if I asked her out. Hee.

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