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Tuesday, 02/21/2006 - 6:46 p.m.

Today was a much better day then the two previous days. YAY!

My body stocking and knee high boots (shiny! shiny!) came in and they *fit*. YAY! I'm so ready for the next femdom party.

Checkoffs start tomorrow, finally. I'm ready for them to be over so the tension will leave our classroom for a little while.

DC and I had a really fab nooner. YAY! He's making dinner right now and it smells divine.

The ice is going away and this week should be quite a bit warmer than the weekend was.

The Boy sent me several dance mixes and I'm seriously grooving.

I got my phone fixed good as new, free of charge.

I can still do a five minute scrub in five minutes. YAY!

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