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Monday, 02/20/2006 - 6:37 p.m.

Today was also a suck day but it got better as soon as I could get out of my class. I am bored out of my fuckin' mind in the lab watching my idiot classmates try to cram an entire term's worth of sterile technique and surgical procedure into 1 day. Checkoffs start Wednesday and only about 10 of us (out of 21) are ready for them. The gang and I started practicing two weeks ago to get ready for Wednesday. Argh.

Our next-door neighbor's pipes burst and flooded out the back of her bathroom, luckily, instead of into her bathroom like the first time. And didn't flood over here, double luckily.

I'm whiny and restless and cranky and have no idea why. If my face was breaking out, I'd say PMS. The timing is right but the other signs aren't there. Some of it is I'm terrified I'm going to slip on the ice and screw my knee up again. It's finally as good as it can be without surgery and the idea of being trapped in the Robo-Leg again scares the hell out of me.

Bleah. I'm going to go watch Jack and Sally and Zero.

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