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Monday, 12/01/2008 - 8:27 p.m.

Where do I start? Let's see...

...16 hours in the car driving to AssEnd, Pennsylvania? We actually stayed in PA rather than Baltimore because it was closer to everyone.

...DC's senile-dementia-afflicted grandmother asking everyone when they were going to leave? Or her being rude to everyone? DC's mother says Grandma knows exactly how rude and ugly she is being to everyone and enjoys it. Alrighty then. It was like eating dinner with a time bomb - you *knew* it was going to explode but not when so you sat there all tense and anxious. I missed my family as well which didn't help my state of mind.

...The trip into Baltimore on the light rail with the dregs of humanity? The highlight was the 3 dudes complaining about how their drug dealer short-changed them on their purchase of Xanax and Fentanyl.

We visited the science museum which was spectacular and saw 2 planetarium shows. I tried Boardwalk Fries in the museum's cafe, which are regular french fries covered in vinegar and Old Bay Seasoning. OMG! I'm not a vinegar person by any means but these were great. We got opal earrings in sterling silver and a souvenir for the Boy. DC didn't want to visit his father or grandfather's graves while we were in town so we didn't. We took his mom and aunt to lunch on Saturday before we left. His mother looked great and she finally got a portacath so they don't have to keep sticking her for chemo. We took lots of pictures and hugged and smooched.

It was overall a really good trip and I've tried not to bitch too much about the sucky parts. My period stopped the morning we left, we had mind-blowing sex almost every day, we cuddled and laughed and really enjoyed each other's company, we only got snippy-snappy once or twice (which for us is amazing) and we talked talked talked about important stuff and not-so-important stuff and solved all the world's problems.

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