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Monday, 12/01/2008 - 3:30 p.m.

It's going to be between 2 and 3 thousand dollars (yes, you read that correctly) to get the cats out of hock. The routine exams and shots and boarding fees were totally expected, but the White Booger's extensive oral surgery was a complete surprise. We knew she had plaque/calculus issues but she needed some teeth pulled as well. Awesome. We blew her tooth issues off back in the spring based on the vet's advice when we found out about her kidney failure - she wouldn't survive the anesthesia to work on her teeth with her kidneys in such bad shape, according to the vet. Well, 7 months later that's come back to bite us in the butt. Her kidneys are doing well (they've not gotten worse) and she's gained weight but her teeth rotted in the interim. Thank the deities for Visa.

Edited at 6:30 pm to add: It was $1750 to get the cat bitches out of hock. The White Booger lost 3 teeth and is doped out of her mind. TubboCat and TinyE seem to have forgiven us.

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