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Tuesday, 12/02/2008 - 10:51 p.m.

Conversation with the spouse:

Me: OMG! These real dollies are HOT! Oh, mah, gawd!
Him: They are?
Me: If I was a dude, I would so have one of these! With big whopping titties and pounds of eyeliner. OMG! I would take out a loan to buy one.
Him: How much are they?
Me: Six thousand dollars. If I were a guy, it would totally be worth it.
Him: But she won't cry when I make her suck my dick.
Me: Ooooohhhh, true. And I'll bet you can't mouth-rape her either; she has teeth. But I'll bet you can still pussy-rape her or butt-rape her.
Him: For that kind of money, we could get a really good hooker.
Me: Yeah, but I have moral objections to slapping around a live hooker.
Him: *look of disbelief*
Me: What? Yes, even I, freak pervert of the world, would have problems slapping around a live hooker. I could slap that dolly around, though. Rrrrrrowr.

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