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Tuesday, 05/23/2006 - 8:35 p.m.

I did a vulvectomy today and while it was educational it was also kind of creepy. We excised large flaps of outer twat lip to remove precancer and cancer so it *was* a good thing. Twat scars, though, are not. I can deal with that better than I can with mastectomies. I *know* I'm going to cry when I do my first masto. I damn near cried on a breast tumor excision.

I'm pretty sure breast surgeries bother me because those scars are very visible and it's very noticeable to other people if you're missing a breast. You can forget your hysto scar because it's below your waist or about laparoscopic scars because they're usually tiny, but every time you look down at your chest you'll be reminded you're missing a breast. Dear Gawd.

My preceptor for today gave me the best compliment I could hope to hear. She looked at my back table set-up and said "Great set-up...I could work off this if I had to relieve you. Good job.". I know it was a tiny case with only a few instruments but's a start.

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