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Wednesday, 05/24/2006 - 6:57 p.m.

I had my groove on today! I set up for a laparotomy with ovarian cyst removal all by myself. And I mean by myself...I had no circulator, no preceptor, no anesthesiologist, nobody. We were super short on techs today and the charge nurse asked me if I could set up and scrub alone and I said "Heck yeah!". I did my merry little thing and felt more secure in myself as a surgical tech. I anticipated the doctors' wants a little better today. I passed instruments a couple of times without them having to ask, too, because I knew at point A they'd need a Kocher and at point B they'd need an Allis.

I had a real crisis of faith last week due to some jerk circulators and a couple of jerk techs. I also felt totally incompetent even on little cases that I've done a half dozen of, because of the reaction and attitude of those circulators and techs. I understand not everyone is going to like me, and folks don't get along every time all the time, but damn...if you're snide and nasty to *everyone* and dislike everyone, why the fuck do you work here?

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