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Tuesday, 11/25/2008 - 4:58 p.m.

Roller Derby on Saturday was great! Dre went with us and we met my brother's girlfriend, TinyRhino. The consensus was she is hot with a great rack. Her "Is she a whackjob?" status is yet to be determined. I screened 2 people for the local dungeon as well while we were out.

The Tupelo trip was OK and I'm glad we went but I'm tired of BDR and all his issues. I've tried to be supportive of him and ML but they have gotten so loony in the past couple of years I've had all of it I want. She lives up here, he lives in Tupelo, their marriage is pretty much over and he still "wants to give it one more year". Dude! The horse is dead - stop beating it and give it a decent burial already. I haven't talked to her in over 2 years because of all the lunacy. I'm going to call her when we get back from D.C. since she's called me several times and I keep ducking her. They're wholesale drama and I just do not want any of it in my life. Feh.

T-minus 14 hours or so til we leave for Washington. By this time tomorrow we'll not even be close to the hotel. Awesome. I'm not really looking forward to seeing the in-laws but I'm really looking forward to being in D.C. with DC. The anxiety attacks have started already - he thinks he's catching a cold, his head hurts, etc. He'll be fine once we get there.

I'm pretty much packed and so is he. We have to stuff 3 cats in carriers at the crack of dawn tomorrow and won't they hate that. TubboCat will still be pissed when we get back. TinyE and the White Booger can be bribed with tuna to forgive us, though. I hate boarding them since it's so traumatic for them but they can get their check-ups, shots, baths, teeth cleanings, and in Tubbo's case, an ass-shave, all while we're gone. YAY!

Bedtime is in 4 hours with the help of booze and Benadryl.

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