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Wednesday, 06/30/2010 - 4:36 p.m.

I wore a different brassiere to my fitting and OH MAH GAWD! I was stunning. The dress had been taken in perfectly and the bust is tight enough that it will support the strapless side. Suck on that, Universe!

And the Universe replied -

Conversation just now with DC, who is over at my mother's fixing her computer:

DC: Yeah, I'm here now.

Me: Oh, sorry. I'm just returning your call. Did you get my message about the light bulbs?

DC: Yep, I'm stealing one from your mom because I'm too tired to stop for some.

Me: Okie dokie.

DC: And I have to pack tonight for my trip this weekend. Please do not let me forget.

Me: You're not leaving until Friday. Why are you packing tonight?

DC: Because I'm going to be busy tomorrow night.

Me: {forgetting the butt-sex plan we made for tomorrow night} What's tomorrow night?

DC: Do you really want me to say that out loud?

Me: {remembering the butt-sex plan} Dude! Don't say we have butt sex plans in front of my mom!

DC: She heard you.

My mother: {laughs her ass off}

Me: The Universe got its revenge over my being smug about my dress. I'm so embarrassed. Bye.

The dress is still kick-ass awesome, though. Suck it, Universe.

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