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Tuesday, 06/08/2010 - 4:32 a.m.

"You're so pretty. And soft. Can I kiss you?"

"But...we're both girls. Girls don't kiss each other."

"Please? Please? You're just so drive me crazy. Just a kiss?"

And there it was - a very soft mouth pressed on mine and it was glorious. And a smooth hip pressed against mine, a long leg thrown over both of my short ones, and tiny purple lacy panties making me insane. I wanted to go exploring under the covers, under the panties, and touch and kiss and lick anything I could.

"Can I move the covers down? Just a little? Please, sweetheart? Please?"


Tiny little nipples, hard and sensitive, right there, inches away. So I ran my tongue over the closest one and heard, "Ohhhhhhh....". I ran my tongue over the other one and had to watch out for flailing arms. And then a hand was on the back of my head, tangled in my hair, pressing me down harder.

"Yes, yes, yes, please..."

I did all my best mouth tricks, wanting that hand to stay right where it was...if I was being held close it meant I was doing something right.

A little more squirming and a little more wiggling later, the hand came loose from my hair and I arched back up to those incredible lips.

"Kiss, sweetheart? Please?" and that sexy mouth was pressed down on mine again and that long lithe body was squirming against mine again.

"Can I put my hand in your panties? Please? You're so pretty and they're so tiny and you're driving me crazy. Please?"

"Oh, I-I-"

"Please? I'll be really careful and really gentle, I promise."


I slid my hand carefully down into those itty-bitty lacy panties and sighed. I got right up close to the delicate little ear I could reach and said, "So wet. Not quite as wet as I am, but I'm glad you like this."

"Feels good...don't stop."

And then I said everything I had wanted to say since forever while I stroked and rubbed all that sticky-wet flesh.

"I watch you, you know. Watch your tiny little ass and your tiny little titties and your incredible waist every chance I get. I hear you in your room when you masturbate and I do it, too, right along with you. Every 'Ohhhhhhhh' and whimper and that breathy little "Coming coming coming" thing you do. And I come with you. You're the prettiest thing I've ever seen and I've wanted you so long. Come for me, darlin', come for me. I want you to, want you to and know I did it. Your little panties make me absolutely insane and I think about you in them all the time."

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, I-I-"

"I know, darlin'. Come for me. I'll feel it when you do. Come for me. Please, sweetheart."

And then those narrow hips snapped up and I felt the pulses that signaled an orgasm and smelled sex in the air.

"That's my sweetheart."

And that's how I spent Sunday afternoon.

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