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Tuesday, 02/05/2008 - 11:53 a.m.

So my husband, who is sort of irresponsible, left the front door cracked open slightly after a possible squirrel invasion via the fireplace. Apparently the squirrel came down the chimney and he wanted a quick escape route hence the ajar door. TinyE, being the adventurer he is, just walked out about 5 pm. DC took a nap (with the door still open) and didn't notice we were short a cat until I got home at 11. Whoops. Luckily TinyE hid under a car close by and we found him relatively quickly. The cat is fine but it scared about 5 years off DC. We're also lucky someone didn't just stroll in and take our shit or hurt DC. Dumbass.

I had my first gunshot wound yesterday! Whoo hoo! (You know what I mean.) We saved the patient's hand and god willing, none of the fingers will rot off.

Girlfriend's first night on evenings was last night and he and I did a case together. Afterwards he said "Umm, is something wrong with the Devil's Concubine? She just...umm...well...she' know" and I told him he'd grow to hate her as the rest of us do. He didn't believe me but he will eventually.

I also tied up with PrincessPie over the last case of the night. She stomped her foot and pouted and threw a fit until the Devil's Concubine reassigned me to her case and vice versa. After throwing her tantrum to get that case, she didn't know how to do it. Whoops. And wanted me to come help her. Double whoops. Don't act like a bitch to me and then expect my help. Devil's Concubine had to order me into her room because I flat-out refused to help. Feh. She and her nurse were still struggling when I left.

I have no idea what's scheduled for today. It'll be a surprise.

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