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Monday, 03/24/2008 - 11:54 p.m.

I knew I'd be called in on Good Friday so I took today off to make sure I got a 3 day weekend like everyone else. I so do not want to go back to work, only because being a lazy bum is pretty good sometimes.

I've managed to screw up my brand new computer somehow. DC is working on the issues but he thinks the hard drive is going already. Sheesh. I've not even had it 3 whole months yet.

The rest of the Oreo Mud Pie is going to work with me. I thought it was kind of gross to bring food that had been dipped out of or had a piece cut from, but the pigs I work with assured me they'd eat anything.

I took a nap this afternoon after my hair thing and it's screwed me all up. I have to be in the bed by 2 am regardless of what else is going on.

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