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Tuesday, 11/24/2009 - 11:55 p.m.

I took my mother grocery shopping for T'Giving today and we drove each other nuts. Holy crap. I love the woman and think she hung the moon, but I also want to slap her sometimes. I now understand, though, where Tattoo gets some of his same lunacy. They're not agoraphobic - the open places and spaces do not bother them - but they do not like a lot of people crowded around or a lot of hustle and noise. The Queen did fine in the dollar store, and she did OK in the first grocery store, but she lost her shit in the Kroger. She got snappish and rude, pushed people out of her way or just cut in front of them. That is so not my mother. Tattoo doesn't get to the pushing people stage but he does get rude and twitchy and finally he'll just have to go outside for a breather. I tried to get her to go outside while we were checking out but she refused. So she stood there glaring at the bag boy, which threw his groove off, which made him slow down, which made her glare harder. Feh. She calmed right down when we got outside and was fine by the time we got back to her house. I'm not even sure she realizes she's acting like that. Tattoo knew years ago how he got in crowds and knows as soon as he gets outside it will pass.

Before I left this afternoon, I gave her the URL to the NCIS porn I've been reading so avidly. She asked if it was free (yes) and if she had to join anything to read it (no) and said she'd be checking it out tonight after NCIS and NCIS LA. I also found some links about Firefly so I've done my part to spread the good word. Read and be happy.

I finished the NCIS series I was reading at about 5 am today and on the heels of feeding DC, I was torqued up. There's only so much jerking off I can do before I need dick so I told DC when he got home if I called him "Gibbs" during sex, he could call me "Abby" and we would just deal with it. His solution was to mash my face down into the mattress until I couldn't breathe, let alone speak, so win-win there.

Thank you, writers of fanfiction porn.

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