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Wednesday, 08/19/2009 - 5:30 p.m.

Eyewitnessed at Target today while I was in line to check out:

Whiny 4 year old who sees the discount DVD rack: Mommy! I want a movie!

Tanorexic soccer mom: We're checking out right now, Piper, so hurry. Pick one out.

Piper: I'm looking, Mommy! {maybe a minute goes by}

TSM: Hurry, Piper! Now!

Piper: Mommy! I said I'm looking! {maybe 2 minutes go by}

TSM: That's it, Piper, we're checking out now!

Piper: OK, Mommy. I want this one! {gets in line with TSM and hands her the movie}

TSM: Oh, honey, Mommy didn't really mean it. Go put it back.

Just...holy crap wow. Joan Crawford called to tell you even she thinks you're a bitch.

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