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Saturday, 08/15/2009 - 1:06 a.m.

There is a church here in town that has several nicknames - 6 Flags Over Jesus, The Mall of God, The Cult. Calling it "The Cult" reminded me that Squeaky Fromme was released from prison, about a year too late to do any good. Yeah, that was out loud. So anyway, The Cult sent me (not "occupant"; it had my real full name) a big-ass postcard about a marriage conference. On the front it's a chick with a thought bubble that says "Why doesn't he show me the love I need?" and a dude with the thought bubble "Why doesn't she show me any respect?". I hurt myself laughing at the mailbox over it. On the flip side it lists some of the topics covered in the conference - "How a Husband Best Motivates His Wife" (I said cash money, DC said a cane) and "How a Wife Best Motivates Her Husband" (I said dick sucking, DC said a cane). At the very bottom it says "You'll walk away with the keys to a healthier marriage!". How about some friggin' open communication and honesty?

Case in point: DC and I are watching the newest Bond movies over pizza tonight and he has just laughed himself red in the face over something I said. When he catches his breath he says, "I never thought I'd have this much fun with anybody" and we both teared up and smooched.

And we didn't have to attend a damn seminar, either.

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