stepfordtart - 2010-06-30 17:35:24
Is there anywhere where you live that will do a reasonably priced makeup for you? If you explain how you usually do your makeup, they should be able to do an 'acceptable' version of it so you still look like you but the bride wont wig out. Personally, I think brides have no right to dictate that sort of stuff - if you were all to look identical she could have had herself cloned. Deep breaths, dear, deep breaths (but not too deep, obviously, not in a strapless bra - you could have somebody's eye out!) s x
Countessa - 2010-06-30 19:13:07
And this is why you're my favorite friend from across the pond. :) I'm OK; I only feel really fat and dumpy when there are 3+ women standing around, staring or commenting or fussing around me. I know they're not suddenly going to blurt out, "Oh dear god, you look like a gigantic Greek whale!". However, I am very aware of the thin redheaded assistant eying me like I'm the Ghost of Cheesecakes Past and thinking that if she just *licks* a piece of cake she'll blow up to my size.
R - 2010-07-01 03:52:03
I agree, the bride really can't dictate how you do your hair/make-up unless she's footing the bill. If she's being that specific about hair/makeup/jewelry, she may want to consider treating as her gift to the bridesmaids.
Countessa - 2010-07-01 05:52:40
I'm making it sound like she's been unreasonable and I'm not stating it well. I just think she doesn't want me looking like my usual big-poof-poof-hair-big-black-madeup-eyes-whorey self. :) I'm still going to cheat though - I have a very small "enhancement" hairpiece that I'm going to wear on the day we address wedding invites and see if she notices. Hee.
Carrie - 2010-07-01 15:16:38
I think you look pretty normally! I've never seen you and said "wow! She looks like a total slut!" because you have enough sense and tact to make sure you look appropriate for the occasion. Funny thing, I was told after my wedding that my bridesmaids had to take some of their makeup off before the wedding because the super-fabulous makeup guy made them look a bit like drag queens.

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