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Friday, 12/26/2008 - 9:25 p.m.

DC and I did absolutely nothing yesterday except eat, watch American Dad, and screw. Merry Xmas to us! We didn't get each other anything present-wise since he just bought himself a new Miata and I am going back to work. My present is kind of lame but the paychecks will make up for the lameness.

The Boy is in Knoxvegas visiting the parental units for 5 days so he asked me to go check on his cats today. The plan - leave about 1 pm, get there about 2, feed & water & scoop cat crap, leave about 2:30, get home about 3:30. The reality - leave about 1:30, get there about 2:15 (I *love* driving fast), fill up food bowl, find 3 of 4 cats and tear house apart looking for the missing 1, trick cats by crinkling treat bag and lure the same 3, look through yard and road for cat corpse just in case, tear through house some more including bedroom closet (which is the pit of hell), get stabbed by protruding nails in said closet (thank gawd my tetanus shot is up to date), finally find snarling cat trapped behind hot water heater in a narrow dark closet, call boyfriend who says "Go in there after her - wear my leather gloves", tell boyfriend "OH, HELL no!", poke cat with long stick to try and drive her out, spray cat with water squirt bottle to try and drive her out, leave treats at closet door and walk away, get hissed at by demon cat with a wet butt who freed herself for treats, leave about 5:30, get home about 6:45. Rotten mammal.

I'm pretty sure that going shopping tomorrow with all my Xmas gift cards will make me feel better.

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