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Sunday, 12/28/2008 - 1:52 a.m.

I wore out most of the gift cards, including some from Xmas last year. And *ahem* one given to us as a wedding gift 3 years ago to Bed, Bath & Beyond. (DC has some from 2001 and 2002 to JCPenney's that Penney's will honor because they don't debit the card every month until the money is gone anymore. Macy's, Sephora, BB&B, and Best Buy don't debit gift cards as well. Pier 1 and Blockbuster still do, which is why I won't buy gift cards from them any more. Soapbox rant over.) I jumped on the Bare Minerals make-up bandwagon and so far I like what I bought. Sephora had a $175 starter kit on sale for $60 so what the hell. The 3 brushes that came in the kit are $20 apiece so even if I hate the makeup I won on the brushes. I tried a bunch of stuff and when the extremely gay salesguy asked if I was finding everything OK, I said I was going to look like a French whore before too long. His answer was "Oh, girl, I smell like one every time I leave here! I *LOVE* working here!". He also pointed out what makeup brands he was wearing because he had on eyeliner, a little sparkly eyeshadow and a little blush. Go on then, girlfriend. I went nuts at the Benefit counter in Macy's as well. I'm thrilled with the Lust Duster shadow but I'm not sure of the Moon Glow stuff and that's what I specifically went looking for.

I also have a new perfume, Versace Woman, stolen acquired by an unorthodox method. When looking for the demon cat yesterday, I found the bottle amongst all the crap in the Boy's room. Since I have no shame in using opened perfume I took it when I left, along with several pairs of denim shorts and jeans in DC's size that used to fit the Boy. There is also a bunch of pillows, sheets, and comforters that after a serious washing will be donated to the local dungeon.

I wrapped most of the Queen's Xmas presents tonight until I ran out of wrapping paper. We're doing Xmas with her on Tuesday because it was the only day we could all get together before 2009. I made her a collage thing of our wedding pictures since she has none. The Boy got her a heavy blown glass vase when we were in San Fran. Someone at the Bash makes stuff like this for a living and donated it to be auctioned off. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm terrified it won't make to her house safely. We also got her some DVDs she wanted and a very blingy photo frame that she'll go nuts over.

DC has been on call since 11 pm Friday and will be on call until 11 pm tonight. He's not been as hard to live with as he was when he was on call for the entire weekend of July 4th, I have to say. Usually he's snappy and ugly and rude because he's so wound up waiting for the phone to ring but this time has been OK. He's asleep and I need to head that way, too.

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