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Thursday, 05/21/2009 - 7:26 p.m.

Boy's Father,

I couldn't even write "Dear" because it would be a lie. You make me absolutely ill and any respect I had for you is gone. I can't even be polite and civil to you for the Boy's sake, because you're *that* much of an asshole.

You ruined the wonderful relationship you had with your oldest child just so you could continue to get your dick sucked. You KNEW what the crackwhore was all about years ago and did nothing.

Because of YOU, the crackwhore made a death threat against my baby. You put your oldest child's life in danger because you didn't sack up a year ago and have the crackwhore arrested. I say again - you KNEW what the crackwhore was all about and did nothing.

Because of you and your cowardice, one of the people I love best in the world is not safe under your roof.

I hope whatever sexual satisfaction you got from the crackwhore was worth it.

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