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Thursday, 05/21/2009 - 6:50 p.m.

I screened a very charming lovely girl for the local dungeon and a very charming lovely girl for the Munch today and both of them restored my faith in decent humanity. They both knew how to act in public, neither was a troll, and both seem genuinely interested in being a part of the BDSM scene.

And then I got a voicemail from the Boy, which shattered all the good feelings I had about today.

The Boy took off like a bat out of hell at 2 in the morning on Tuesday for Knoxvegas to straighten out his father and the crackwhore one more time. The crackwhore stole 4 grand from the Boy's father about 2 weeks ago and so his father went on a bender. Awesome. The Boy's uncle called him late Monday, hence the 2 am drive. The crackwhore was at the house for a little while before the Boy got there at 7 am on Tuesday and stole bank checks from the Boy's dad. She tried to cash some yesterday and got turned down at one bank, but the next bank cashed them. The Boy's father pressed charges against her and spent most of today at the bank and the police station. The crackwhore called the Boy's dad and LEFT A VOICEMAIL that if he continued to press charges she would beat the shit out of the Boy and then blow his brains out. So they went back to the police station to give them the voicemail and the Boy is now pressing charges against her as well. (I knew she was stupid to begin with and all the drugs have really messed her up, too, but damn - don't leave recorded death threats. Jeebus.)

I, meanwhile, am shitting peach pits hearing this voicemail after screening the second girl this afternoon. I called the Boy back and I'm still waiting to hear from him. I'll be calling him again here shortly.

I'm sure someone will loan us bail money if DC and I have to take a road trip up there.

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