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Wednesday, 09/10/2008 - 3:17 p.m.

We got all kinds of bad news this weekend which put a small damper on Big Nasty Orgy and I didn't really want to write about all of it in one big lump. So the bad news gets an entry all by itself. Feh.

My mother is in Ohio with her youngest sister, who had a seizure 2 weeks ago while driving, passed out, ran off the road, and hit...something. I forgot what the something was. She didn't die and didn't kill anyone, though. The Queen is staying with her for the time being and driving her around because medical science has not, so far, figured out what caused the seizure or why she passed out. The reason my mother is up there playing chauffeur is because my aunt and uncle are divorcing and my aunt now lives alone. So not only is she in the middle of a divorce, she could at any time have a seizure, pass out, and/or do both.

We found out Saturday that DC's mama has breast cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes. One of DC's cousins, who heard it from another cousin, called all upset to tell us. Surprisingly DC wasn't upset about the cancer part; he was angry that his mother didn't tell him directly. He got off the phone with his cousin, mad enough to spit nails. I had to remind him that his mother is a tiny tiny old lady who has cancer and that if he called her up all angry and screaming he was just going to make the situation worse. Feh. He called on Sunday and they talked for almost 4 hours. He sounded fine when they got off the phone and was not all wigged-out-cancer-crazy like he gets. *SHE* was very calm and totally at peace with whatever treatments/surgeries came her way which is why he was calm. I'm sure if she had been flipping out he would have as well.

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