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Monday, 07/19/2010 - 12:53 a.m.

Happy birthday to me.

No spouse, no boyfriend, no boytoy, dying mother-in-law, going to bed alone.


...DC's mama knew who he was and was glad (not pissed like I was afraid of) to see his face. She ate better today for him than she did all the past week.

...I paid almost all of the bills online or by phone Sunday so those are not hanging over our heads while we're gone.

...the house is 95% ready for me to hop a plane (dishes done, towels laundered, suitcase packed, garbage mostly bagged) so all that is not hanging over my head.

...I have really good raunchy porn and chocolate covered cream filled donuts. one in the world is as loved as I am. No one.

Happy birthday to me indeed.

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