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Sunday, 03/22/2009 - 7:03 p.m.

In any serious relationship, of whatever flavor, only one person can be the crazy at a time. You can't both be crazy at the same time, in other words. At my house, DC is the designated crazy about 90% of the time. Which means on those rare occasions when I'm the crazy, he has to sack up and be the sane grown-up one. He doesn't have a lot of practice at it so life around my house for the past 2 weeks or so has been really nutso.

The super-powerful antibiotics for my bladder infection (caused by E. coli, no less) coupled with the prescription urogesics meant that from Wednesday the 11th to about Thursday the 19th I was asleep, on my way to being asleep, catatonic, or awake and stupid. Awesome. Since antibiotics are rumored to cancel out birth control pills somewhat, my period started very lightly back on Monday but thank the gawds it stopped about Thursday. Who knows why the fuckin' thing started up, truthfully. I managed to eat an entire container of dip and an entire bag of Cheetos over the course of those 3 days, though, and blamed it on PMS. (And the bacon was *excellent* smeared with dip.) I say PMS because the *real* period started yesterday - and by "real" I mean the heavy, clotty, bright red, crampy evil period that I haven't had since late last summer. I am actually glad to see the Curse return because if it acts right, it will be gone by next Saturday.

7 days or so of heavy, thick, clotty mess with cramps OR 12 to 24 days of light, spotty, non-crampy trickle? They're both equally crappy but after much pondering last night I'd rather have the 7 days of agony. And after the 31st, it's all moot anyway, amen.

Speaking of that, you can't have an ablation without a negative Pap smear and I still don't have my results from that, almost a month later. I've gotten the bills from Dr Fabulous's office and the lab, but no results. My STD screening panel of blood tests hasn't come back yet, either. If the Pap is fine, you get a postcard saying everything's fine. If not, you get The Phone Call, telling you to come in so they can give you the bad news face to face. I haven't gotten either of those, so I'll be calling them tomorrow to see what the hell.

This weekend was the first time in a month I've felt like me. I cleaned the kitchen from stem to stern, including mopping the nappy floor, and I'll be making dinner here shortly. DC and I had spectacular sex, the first in about 2 weeks. I haven't cried all weekend and I don't feel like I'm coming apart at the seams like I did before. YAY!

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