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Thursday, 12/08/2005 - 2:15 p.m.

I am a sick fuck. There is a femdom/malesub party tomorrow night at the local dungeon and I think the Boy and I are going. I am sitting here fantasizing about my ex-husband's fiancee attending the party (since she belongs to this same group) and her asking me to play with her. She doesn't like me any more and I feel the same, and I'm 100% sure the resultant hatefuck would knock both of us out. She's the only woman I know of that's as big a slutty whore as I am and as big a painslut as I am and that's fucking *hot*. She's also one of the only women I know who is comfortable in her sexual skin and doesn't hesitate about doing sexual things. She has a Hitachi magic wand with a g-spot attachment thingie and I cannot stop thinking about using it on her until she pisses herself or cries or both. I also want to put alligator clamps on her nipples and rip them to shreds while stuffing her full of as many dildos will fit in her pussy and ass. I want her to work her hand up my ass roughly, while I jerk off, and tell me how much she doesn't like me but that's not going to stop her from tearing my asshole up. I want us to call each other nasty filthy names and come our brains out. Then the need will be sated and we can go back to not speaking to each other until the next time the need to hatefuck arises.

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