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Sunday, 12/18/2006 - 12:07 a.m.

Drunk stepmother? Check.

Drunk stepmother, spilling wine in someone else's lap? Check.

Drunk stepmother, verbally abusing waitstaff and management of the restaurant because the food was late and cold? Check.

Drunk stepmother, calling cousin's fiancee by wrong name the entire evening even after being corrected repeatedly? Check.

Drunk father telling drunk stepmother to shut the hell up, more than once? Check.

Bratty little sister telling drunk stepmother to shut up, repeatedly? Check.

Drunk stepmother telling bratty little sister to shut up, repeatedly? Check.

Drunk stepmother telling me I look like I've lost weight because I'm not as big as she remembers? Check.

Drunk stepmother telling little sister (like she does every time we're all together) that little sister needs to be more like me because I was top in my class in high school and I got scholarships to college for being so smart? Check.

Little sister telling drunk stepmother that she's not me nor will she ever be me? Check.

Me telling drunk stepmother (like I do every time she starts that shit) that little sister is not me? Check.

Drunk stepmother being rude to my aunt like she does every Xmas? Check.

Dreading next Xmas with them already? Check.

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