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Monday, 11/03/2008 - 6:17 p.m.

Halloween kicked all kinds of ass. DC's makeup was stellar, complete with red hands, black nails, and red horns. He still has red greasepaint in his ears and up his nose. Whoops. He got many compliments and many double takes. The Strawberry was, to quote her brother, the "Slut Fairy From Glitter Hell". She was *so* cute! Her wings were black with glitter and her hair was glittered within an inch of its life. She said she only got to glitter up like that at Halloween so we'll be making a trip to Backstreet ASAP. She could wear nothing but the wings, a thong, and glitter from head to toe and no one would look at her funny.

We ran a serious mindfuck on her about needleplay. She thought we were going to play-pierce her and the dudes were just talking it up and making it worse. She does indeed want to do needleplay at some point but it scares the crap out of her. So we talked it up and got her naked and stretched out on the Rack. We set her on fire instead. Hee. As much as I hate to present us as a package deal, in this one case I'm really pushing for it. She doesn't know DC as well as she knows me and she doesn't know the Boy very well at all but the 3 of us work really well together and I cannot handle another submissive by myself. I couldn't even handle being girlfriends without feeling like she was always getting the short end of the stick. She and DC left together about 1:30 to get their private freak on. All I will say they were nekkid when the Boy and I got home and pussy smell was everywhere. Yay!

I beat the snot out of the Boy until he broke down and *cried*. Not just a few sniffles, but serious tears. And then I licked them off his face and off the rubber blindfold. He sat there after I took him off the cross with the most angelic smile on his face and said in a sweet tone of voice - "It's a battle of wills, you know.". I kissed his face and said that sometimes he won (by not crying) and sometimes I won and that tonight I won. And kissed him some more.

We staggered home and had missed all the sexual festivities, so we all ate leftover chili and snuggled and giggled. DC slept in his bed and the Boy and I sandwiched the Strawberry. We warned her about how bad the Boy snored but she just giggled and said her fiancee snored, too. Feh - he's an amateur. When the alarm went off at the crack of dawn, she agreed with me that the Boy did indeed snore like a drunken lumberjack. Told you.

We did her birthday stuff before we went out on Saturday night but I got her something else today since it seems she's had a crap birthday. Presents can usually fix a multitude of bad stuff.

My mother called today to tell me about her upcoming surgery since I'm the one driving. She's finally having all her bottom teeth pulled before they fall out. However, the holdup is her blood pressure of 200 over 100. Yes, that would be TWO FRICKIN' HUNDRED over a HUNDRED. The oral surgeon told her to immediately go to the nearest doc-in-the-box and she refused. Big surprise there. *eye roll* So he won't pull her teeth until she gets her BP under control. She's on 2 different prescription meds and a 1 baby aspirin a day. She said she's going to get it under control just long enough to have the surgery and then she's ditching the prescriptions. Awesome. She said she wasn't going to be chained to medicine bottles so I didn't even try to talk to her about it. All I said was, "You do know with uncontrolled BP you're just going to stroke out one day, right?" and she said, "Yes, but won't I look good dead with my new teeth?". Alrighty then.

I'm going to do my part to change the world tomorrow - I'm going to vote.

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