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Sunday, 07/27/2008 - 9:15 p.m.

The Boy thought his house was being broken into late at night last week and his solution? A gun. Perfect - a testosterone-enhanced gun-toting midget. The whole thing scares the crap out of me, but he and DC think it's a *great* idea so I told them I would get used to it eventually whether I liked it or not. What is it with men and things that go bang?

The trip to Tupelo was worth it because we met a very nice lady who is new to BDSM but really wants to be involved in the lifestyle. Arron was there, too, and it's always nice to see him.

The BBQ and Wicked Women party far exceeded any expectations I might have had. Wicked Women parties used to be *the* party to attend and there were wall-to-wall people back when. I don't know how or why the climate changed but it did and attendance dropped off and then died out altogether. So the crowd last night was a wonderful surprise and the attitudes were great. I had serious objections to the bottle of wine someone brought (thinking it would be a good idea) but that was the only blight on my evening.

DC bottomed to a newbie top under the guidance of 16Candles and had a marvelous time. I wandered thru to watch for just a few minutes after they got started when I knew he wouldn't know I was there. I never have to worry about his behavior or his attitude when passing him off to someone else and that's a blessing.

I settled up with the dude who won me in the Auction
last month and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

I beat the snot out of the Strawberry and it was damned good. We're still new enough as play partners that I worry when I make her cry, even though that's where she wants to go. I can push a little too far with DC and the Boy because we've been together long enough for me to know when I've gone just far enough but I'm still learning to read her. I did not warm her up enough and pushed a little too hard a little fast. I wanted to, though, to get her that much closer to tears. I knew once she was in tears she would be pussy putty in my hands. She knew the Boy was going to fuck her when she was at that point but I'd deliberately kept her in the dark about his style and how incredibly good he is. And all I told him was "Fuck her like you fuck me.".

Holy crap. She sprayed the floor to the point he couldn't get a foothold because he was slipping. He did indeed fuck her like he fucks me, complete with hairpulling, name calling and slapping and squeezing her ass. It was *magnificent* and I left a smear of pussy in my ring-side seat. I did a little name calling myself but for the most part I tried to stay out the way because they didn't need any help from me. They had a rhythm going and the Boy got his fuck on like he'd been screwing her for years. He dug his elbows into her back with his hands in her hair and I think that's what sent her over into tears again.

She started crying hard enough that I made him stop. We slid her down to the end of the Smack N'Fuck into a chair and I straddled the bench so she could lay her head on my thigh. It also put my twat right in her face and I know she could smell me. I was *excited*, partly because I could watch her getting fucked, partly because I could watch my boyfriend fucking someone else, and partly because he and I have never ganged up on someone before. All kinds of firsts happened this weekend. We all moved into the social room and she was asleep within 15 minutes or so of us sitting down. Head in my lap, burrowed under a blanket, snoring to beat the band. She's having some serious issues at home and seems to be the only one grown-up enough to still function and keep the house running so this was the first peace she'd had in a week.

The Boy still hasn't stopped grinning over last night. He's pretty much a nasty sexpig anyway, and her reaction to him was like throwing gasoline on a blaze.

We're all going again next weekend for the anniversary of the Memphis Munch and I'm 100% sure there will be more tears. DC has already asked me to hurt him until he cries and I think I'm going to try waxing the Strawberry. The Boy hasn't been beaten down in quite a while so he may need some, too.

Today was spent recovering from last night. Hee. The Boy and I fooled around a little bit and DC and I had sex 3 times because we were still so wound up from last night. I put him to bed about an hour ago after the last go-round.

I'm going to say a small thank you for all my blessings and then go to bed with my C.S.I. that just arrived.

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