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Monday, 07/17/2006 - 7:49 p.m.

...when she said having babies was bloody work. Good lord. And I didn't cry because I was too overwhelmed at all the things I was told I did wrong. I didn't set my Mayo stand up right, or my back table, and I definitely put the placenta in the wrong fuckin' place, according to my preceptor. Feh. I'll be better prepared tomorrow since now I've actually done a C-section but damn. I'm tryin' here, cut me a break. (He was a cutiepie, though, with a full head of hair.)

I finally got my period Sunday morning, which meant the moodiness and the weeps broke. I cried myself to sleep Friday night for no good reason other than the Boy doesn't volunteer to rub my back or do scritchies on me. WTF? I was upset that I had to *ask* him to scritchie me rather than him just *volunteering* occasionally. WTF? It sounds even stupider trying to explain it with tears running down your face. I'm getting back on birth control pills, ASAP.

On the good side of that hormonal nuttiness, we had *great* sex. DC spent most of the weekend with his girlfriend so it was just me and the Boy. He and the Makeup Man mowed the yard Saturday, after we slept in until oh...noon. I forget how incredibly good sleeping in is. Especially snuggled up nose-to-nose and belly-to-belly. We watched an extraordinarily bad movie and the LOGO channel for hours, just being couch potatoes. YAY! We slept in late Sunday, too. Double YAY! We went for ice cream and tried to find an open nail salon. Apparently all the sidewalks roll up on Sundays in Podunk. So we had to have more sex. Hee. Getting the Boy off 2 days in a row is the best. I miss not being able to spend Sunday nights with the Boy to kiss him goodbye on Monday, but hopefully I'll get the evening shift like I want and can stay over again.

The recruiter and I have been playing phone tag today and I guess I'll have to call her on my lunch break tomorrow. At least she's calling. YAY!

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