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Monday, 06/21/2010 - 1:01 a.m.

Happy Birthday, LadyA, from your cousin Marvin. May you get pregnant for your birthday. I've already pleaded with the deities on your behalf.

This week flew by and nothing really significant happened. I had a crapload of screenings for the club and had to tiptoe around DC because he was seriously ill. That's really all that happened. He feels better and we have some new faces at the club so yay there, though.

The big thing that rocked my world happened over the weekend. "Mr. I'm a shy bashful sexually inexperienced guy" Nigel has turned out to have a toppy-sexual-sadist streak. We stayed within the boundaries DC and the Boy set, of course, and I'm still flabbergasted. It was all hair-pulling and biting and he covered my eyes and I just zoned right the hell out. Floaty-happy-stupid and it was all good. He made a point later of making sure I understood he was still the submissive tart in our relationship and I reassured him that he was indeed. Hee. I fall harder for that kid every time I see him.

In non-sexual news, we went on a date-date Saturday night to dinner and a movie and it was really damn good. (The A-Team was frickin' hilarious and I'm going to see it again.) We watched Big Bang Theory too, and laughed our asses off. I'm trying broaden his movie horizons, slowly but surely, and we watched Mystery Men this time. Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles are on the agenda for next time.

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