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Sunday, 03/26/2006 - 9:37 p.m.

The wedding was gorgeous. The bride and groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, everything. I'm really glad we went, all told. Audorable and BigMan were there and I hadn't seen them in years and years. My mother even changed her mind and came. Had I known being overcome with emotion at something Exhusband said to me and crying on him was going to cause such a damn uproar, though, we would have left right after the ceremony part. Feh. Like I *planned* to snot all over him and make an ass out of myself at his wedding. Luckily, not a lot of people saw it. He didn't seem to mind it, either, and if he was OK with it, I'm OK with it. DC, the Boy and I stayed and helped clean up and ended up gabbing with ML, BDR, and Audorable for over an hour, getting caught up on everyone's business. We got home about 7:30 or so and just *crashed*. Once the excitement and giddiness from the wedding wore off, we were pooped. We took what was supposed to be a 2 hour nap, and the Boy and I ended up going to bed bed. All in all, it was a really good day.

Today was a pretty good day, too, aside from a yeastie caused by the antibiotics for my eardrum. We did group sex nastiness (YAY!) carefully and cuddled like nobody's business. Group cuddles are the *best*. I'm thankful every day for how well the boys get along and genuinely like each other.

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