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Wednesday, 08/12/2009 - 11:43 p.m.

The Perseid meteor shower is tonight. I'm going to wander outside to look in a little bit.

I paid good money for gum that tastes like Vicks Vaporub. And the hell of it is I keep chewing it.

The Boy didn't start throwing up until 4 am on Sunday, after I stayed up 4 hours on vomit patrol. I finally got to sleep about 5 or so, after checking on him one more time. He was asleep sitting straight up in my desk chair because lying down made his nausea worse. Awesome. Sunday was the 2nd half of Honky Tonk Stomp and it was more fun than Saturday. It was all volunteer scrimmage teams and girls came from Alabama, Mississippi, and all over Tennessee to play. My new girlfriend, who is currently in denial, is in Bama so we probably won't be seeing her much. When we got home, what did I find in the middle of my bed? Wet runny cat barf that had soaked down through comforter and sheets to the mattress pad.

I'm not sure if my mother truly has a plan or if she's depressed and in denial or just in denial. She lost her job last May and her unemployment stopped in July. She robbed her 401K completely in the past year to survive and didn't start seriously job hunting until this past week. I can't really say anything about *that* because I've blown off job hunting, too. What scares me is how she's been saying everything's fine but then has to borrow money from me and Tattoo. She can have the money if we have it to give (and so far we do) but goddamn it - don't tell me everything's fine when you have to borrow money to stay afloat.

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