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Tuesday, 02/16/2010 - 10:20 p.m.

In all the male/male porn I've been reading these days not one of those stories portrays the mechanics of butt sex any kind of accurately.

No one gets up to crap after butt sex. No one uses a trick towel to wipe lube up. No one washes his hands after rooting around in his partner's butt. No one puts a towel down to protect the sheets. And absolutely no one gets up to sink-wash his man junk after butt sex. They all just roll over and snuggle happily. Are you fucking kidding me? Who wants to sleep in that wet spot? Who wants that sticky dick pressed all up on them?

However, one thing all those authors get right is the ecstasy of butt sex.

How good it feels to be stuffed full like that, so different than pussy sex. How incredible that first little push (that you think is going to hurt) feels when not only doesn't it hurt, your ass opens right up. How his come feels so much hotter in your ass because butt sex is such a taboo, dirty thing to do. How you can clench down so hard and make your partner gasp and throw his head back.

The porn stories definitely get that right. Happy Valentine's Day to us.

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