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Friday, 04/21/2006 - 3:48 p.m.

One of the state reps I met on Tuesday called today instead of emailing me. I almost wet my pants. Holy crap! He wanted my opinion on the surgical tech bills in the House and wanted facts and figures regarding surgical technology. Holy crap! I'm drunk on my own self-importance. We're all going back up to Nashvegas on Tuesday to be a presence to the subcommittee.

I got my new crown ceramic thing and I was ready to claw my way out of there by the time Dr. Hottie was through 2 and half hours later. I sweated clear through my jeans and t-shirt to the point of leaving smears in the dentist chair because I was so tense and upset. My hands didn't stop shaking until after I got home and showered. Nothing was painful but she had to grind and file excessively on the new tooth to get my mouth to close properly. DC said next time demand nitrous but for $65 a pop I'll just sweat it out. I really want a vicodin now, though, but I have none left. Stupid teeth.

A small nap can make anything better.

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