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Tuesday, 02/03/2009 - 12:15 a.m.

I am a big ol' pussy freak from way back - mine, someone else's, whomever. I remember jerking off with the little girl down the street when we were both in sixth grade. She showed me hers and I showed her mine and then we showed each other how we whacked off. And then we jerked off together every chance we got, until she took her twat to someone else's house to play about 3/4th of the way thru 6th grade.

I don't understand women who don't want (or can't stand) to look at their girljunk or who think pussies in general are ugly. Not only could I pick mine out of a lineup, I could pick out several other women, too, because I'm *that* familiar with them. Twats are awesome and again, if I wasn't married to DC (and his freakishly large wang) I'd be a lesbian.

Having said all that, we took pictures tonight and while I am completely nervous about posting my girljunk on the internet I'm gonna do it. Why? Because some of those shots are going to be my friggin' wallpaper on the desktop, that's why. When you look at a picture of your own vajayjay and immediately think "Oh, in your face, porn sluts! This is HOT!" then maybe it's time to share it with the entire world. And it's not like a big chunk of the local free world hasn't seen it already. Hee.

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