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Monday, 10/16/2006 - 10:47 p.m.

DC and I scened Thursday night with him on bottom, after a *long* period of abstinence on that front. With him and the Boy around, I'm usually the bottom by default (YAY!) so this was a very nice and very hot change. Talking some serious smack to your husband while he's going down needs to be celebrated by more people.

Grad was Friday, and we had *awesome* post-grad sex. The Boy conked out after we got home from drinking so DC and I went to his room. Black lights make sex so much more interesting. The Boy got up at some point and pulled up a chair to watch, which is a little weird when you're not aware of him watching but mostly hot afterward. We left DC in a puddle of sweat, and the Boy and I did the deed. I told him I had a bottomless pussy and to bring it on. And lo, it was blindingly good.

Come to find out the reason I was a bottomless slut twat Friday night is because the Curse came Saturday morning, which was DC's birthday. The Curse is the universe's way of saying, "You know all that nasty birthday sex you had planned? DENIED!". Mother Nature is indeed a bitch. I took 6 ibuprofen over the course of 8 hours and still wanted to die. Cramps suck. We took DC out for lunch after my certification exam and we all took a nap. We went to my mom's to pick up his present and finalized T'Giving and Xmas plans. I'm so tickled that my mother accepts the Boy and invites him to the holidays. He'll even get to do Xmas with us this year. DC had to settle for a birthday blowjob when we got home. Hee.

I slept in late on Sunday and woke to the smell of perfect pancakes. DC can make some pancakes, lemme tell you. We had his pancakes for brunch and the Boy made hot chicken salad for dinner. There was a small nap in there as well.
The Boy and I fooled around in spite of the Curse and came quite loudly. He's a lot louder and more grabby/hairpully than he was when we first started dating and I'm thrilled. It's great that he can be open and vocal about what he wants in bed now. It's taken 2 years (anniversary in a week!) to get there but it's worth it when he pulls my hair to grind my face into his crotch and snarls out, "Make your Daddy come". *squish* DC had a turn when the Boy was done with me (*SQUISH*) and even with the Curse it was fabulous.

DC and I tried repeatedly after the Boy left for home to have sex again and it sort of worked. I'm surprised he wasn't chapped raw and/or bleeding. He finally got frustrated enough that we called it quits.

And it was back to the grind today. I think I'm being groomed to be the evening CV person so there's at least 1 person familiar with CV. If a CV case comes in at night a whole CV team has to be called in. No one has said "hey you're gonna be the evening CV guy" so I'm probably reading more into it than what's there. Still, it makes me wonder. Cases are getting easier for me to set up and to do, regardless. YAY! Progress.

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